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What are explainer videos?

Updated: May 7, 2020

Explainer video augments its popularity in the past for the expansion of the business. It is a short video that is created for the benefit of brands and businesses for the overview of your products and services.

Why you must have them?

Explainer’s video produced to share the message with your customers, it is a part of video marketing. Explainer videos mostly placed on the homepage or landing page, because it is the most visited page by the visitors. Many business houses put explainer videos on every page. It increases the customer’s conversion rate. The producing cost of an explainer video is depending upon the quality, used animation and voice cover. The du

ration of the video varies from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. But the ideal length is 60-90 seconds.

Types of Explainer videos

There are three types of videos.

Which you can create for the promotion of your business, product or services. You guys can create videos according to the nature of business and niche.

Animated Explainer Videos- Animated videos are much popular to introduce intangible services and IT products. These videos require a high level of creativity while producing videos.

Whiteboard Explainer videos- This type of video is created by hand-drawn animation on the whiteboard. The organizations having a low budget usually create these videos. It is the cheapest form of creating explainer videos.

Live-Action Explainer videos- These videos are created by the human being, no animations are required in this type of video. It is used to sell the physical product or services by the companies. It looks much realistic and engaging from audiences.

How to produce an Explainer video?

The definition of an effective explainer video for your business is very simple. A video which is which delivers the correct message and enjoyed by the viewer is best for your business. If you think from the perspective of the customer, then your video should provide crisp information with matching voice and music. The most important factor is your customer delighted while watching the video. The process to create an explainer video described below, which helps you a lot in producing.

Write a script Content is the most important aspect when you sharing something with your customers. Before writing the script for your video, you must consider some factors to make it more interesting. Firstly, specify your niche that you want to target for your business. Secondly, understands the requirement and expectation of customers from your brand. Thirdly, cover all the facts precisely.

Record After creating the content, you need to record your video with a perfect voice. The voice must be loud and clear. Always try to use the most known language in your video for more viewer’s engagement. The tone of the video should be conversational. At last, the animation in the video can be relatable with the content.

Add Sound effects The sound effects should be soothing, and not much loud. You can use many download music for free or buy brand new music from any website.

As a business owner, you can follow all these steps by seeing tutorials. But, if you take my advice hire team of experts to make it more effective. You can’t work on every aspect perfectly, because it requires expertise to create best.

What is the importance of explainer videos for your website?

Explainer videos are not only helpful for brands but it also boosts startups. Every business is looking forward to the constant growth in sales and profit. If you want to retain new customers for your business, then you need to go with the flow. In the present time, video marketing is trending. It brings more engagement from the customer’s side. The communication process of explainer videos leaves an impression in the viewer's mind. The seven most important factors which increase the reliability of your website by using explainer videos are as follows.

Creates Interest It creates an impact on your customer's mind very rapidly, they can connect with video. If you produce an interested and alluring video, then everybody will be attracted to them.

Nowadays the audience doesn’t want to read and with images, you can’t share everything.

Improves website Ranking Explainer videos help while you practicing SEO for your websites. It helps in civilizing the rank of your website. The users like to click the link of videos in comparison to any text file. If you rank higher on the search result, then the exposure of your website also increases. At last, it will make a change in the growth of your business, many well-known brands placing explainer videos on their website to promote their brands.

Augment Conversion Rate Explainer videos are tried and tested by many business houses. The outcome of the result is pretty much positive from customers. It will decrease the bouncing rate of your website. You will convert more audience to your customers. The explainer videos can directly strike in the mind of the viewer. The reason behind this is they are more precise and the duration is also short.

Clarity about product and Services If you want to share the review of your product, then it is the best way out. In explainer videos, you will get to know the pros and cons of the product. The information shared in videos in a very crisp way, because these videos are short. Explainer videos create an urge in the customer's mind to use your product and services.

Bring Traffic As we all know without bringing traffic to our website, we can’t achieve our goals. Explainer videos fetch new visitors to our website with its eminent features. If the ranking of your website improves, then it brings massive traffic to your website. It will help your business in making a renowned brand. The customers retaining rate also hikes and your business will grow.

Easy to share Information

With the help of videos you can present your ideas in a better way. The result brings you will gain more customers for your business. Videos are the best source to share the reviews of your product and services, pass any important message with your audience or to interact with them. Live video streaming videos are the best example of it. It saves the time of customers also. You can share the point of interest by making it more attractive with the help of animation and sound effects.

Interactive The explainer videos are much interactive with any other mode of communication. Users will feel connected with these videos because it’s made on a conversational tone. Videos give a personal touch to your viewers or customers.


After reading the importance, meaning, and usage of explainer videos, I hope you guys understand the requirement of video for your website and business. But guys if you are looking forward to create and advertise your video by yourself. So, I am sorry to say it is impossible. If you need to do it perfectly hire some experts and expands your business. The creation of explainer videos is a must to walk with the latest trends of customer's needs and grow your business.

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